5 Things to Look for in an Internet Merchant Account

Few businesses in the modern era can thrive without some form of an internet merchant account. Even fewer can remain in the top of their market without a feature-rich online payment processor.

MA good internet merchant account can make a profound impact on your sales and your success. By using PayCo Card, you receive a feature-rich online portal to process payments in real time, increasing your sales, boosting your customer relationships, and achieving that next level of success.

What do you need to look for in an internet merchant account? These are the five features you should not live without in the modern business age.

1. Daily Deposits/Next Day funding

Your cash flow is integral to what you can do on a daily basis, you cannot be held up waiting for your own money. Find an option like PayCo Card that provides daily deposits, so you retain a high cash flow and high control of your daily operations with next day funding.

2. Void Transactions and Credits

Sometimes, the sale does not go perfectly. You need a payment processing system that works in the opposite direction. In other words, the processor must be able to efficiently void transactions and offer credits. Because you are losing a sale in this scenario, you need to do this quickly and without undue burdens and frustrations on you and your team.

3. Instant Authorization

Your funds may not be readily available due to delays with authorization. They could be pending, or the bank has a longer-than-usual authentication period. Regardless, of the reason, delays with authorization can disrupt your cash flow and sales.

You will want a payment processor that can authenticate the payment immediately. Don’t wait until the payment is denied 24 hours later, causing a needless delay in shipping. Don’t hold up your cash flow by days or more due to slow authentication procedures. Choose an option like PayCo Card that can authorize your payments with unrivaled speed to make everything simpler for everyone involved.

4. Recurring and Installment Payment Integration

A quality internet merchant account should be designed to accommodate recurring and installment payments so that customers can break up their payments to accommodate their current financial needs in a period of time you find suitable for your business.

Some businesses have fixed monthly or annual membership fees which require recurring billing and Payco Card can provide this service too.

Automation is key. You can’t spend time playing around with a payment processor that can’t properly handle this type of payment. With this feature implemented, you can expand your scope and offer more versatile payment options for higher-priced products and services.

5. Clear Statements

Many customers, before switching to us, were frustrated by the lack of clarity in their statements and reports, or a total lack of reporting features altogether. Because of this, they just dealt with it while paying exorbitant fees and rates. A good internet merchant account like PayCo Card will offer concise and easily accessible statements and reports with a paper trail or online statement options as well.

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