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How a Great Payment Processor Takes Your Business to The Next Level

The next level is just a step away.

By utilizing a high-quality payment processor, you can achieve those high results you always expected when you initially started your business. However, many payment processing systems often come with high fees and rates, clunky design mechanics, and a lot of fine print.

By using a partner like PayCo Card, you can receive a concise and straightforward payment processing solution. Get the system you want with the design features you need to really take your business up to a new level.

How exactly can a great payment processor take your business to the next level? We have spent countless hours fine-tuning our payment processing products so that they achieve optimal results. We are confident that we can deliver an affordable and efficient payment processing system no matter what your needs are.

Below are 5 distinct benefits of how our payment processing can help your business transition into new efficiency and productivity.

No Long Term Contract

Many payment processors require a contract. You stay on the service for a period of time regardless of whether or not you are satisfied with it. By the end, you may receive a tidy little bonus- perhaps in the form of a price increase.

We don’t tie you into a long term contract. You use our products as you need. Being trapped in a contract hinders you, and you need to be flexible. You can opt-in and opt-out without taking a deep plunge that doesn’t work for you. We understand that, and we want you to achieve those high-reaching results without the burden of a contract.

Low Cost

We set you up for success with competitive and low-cost payment processing. Every amount you save by using PayCo Card can go back into your business. Take the difference between your old system and our system and funnel it into your business savings and watch it grow.

Same Day Payments

The moment you receive payment from a customer, our payment processor is working to get it to your bank account quickly. You can have funds available to you often the next day. Cash flow is imperative. Without it, you can’t keep the business operating at a high-level. This is why next-day funding keeps you on the cusp of the competition. Utilize the maximum funds you have and make bold moves forward.

Intuitive Design

Our intuitive and clean design for our POS systems and internet payment gateway will allow you and your team to navigate our interface with ease. Employees can place orders create reports and more without having to work through a clunky and awkward interface.

It is a surefire way to achieve better results. Process orders quicker. Change orders promptly and track all your transactions. Don’t keep your customers waiting and they will return time and time again.

Our Unique Offer

Choosing PayCo Card comes with many benefits. Established businesses can receive a free Clover POS from PaycoCard ($1200 value), as well as a free marketing website up to 2 pages in length ($1000 value) and other perks.

By providing your contact information today, you can get involved with a team of payment processing specialists who know what it takes to reach the next level. Make a big stand in your industry.

The right payment tools will protect your customers and secure your brand as you continue growing in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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5 Ways PayCo Card Payment Processing Streamlines Your Business

FModern payment processing can make your business faster, smarter, and more adaptable to the needs of your customers. Without it, you are often stuck and inflexible even as your customer needs and business speed requirements grow.

Most businesses know the essential need of a quality payment processing system. PayCo Card payment processing will relieve you of many of your frustrations and actually solve many concerns. While some payment systems may add complicated layers and new problems, our payment processing streamlines your business and gets you the results you need. Below are just five ways PayCo Card processing simplifies the payment process.

1. Payment Processing Designed for Your Needs

We know that a local jewelry store requires a distinctly different set-up compared to a restaurant or e-commerce store. Your individual payment processing setup is designed and integrated based on your industry as well as your needs. You are not stuck implementing a restaurant payment processing system as a retailer. You will have a solution that is perfect for your daily activities and the industry you thrive in.

We offer point-of-sale payment processing, phone payments, email invoicing, internet payments, and mobile payments depending on your needs. No matter what solutions you choose from PayCo Card, they are always specifically designed and managed to fit how your business works and how you reach your customers.

2. Modern and Mobile POS Features

PayCo Card offers cutting-edge and flexible POS terminal features in intuitive packages. We carry full line of Clover Station POS packages as well as Aldelo POS packages and integration. Easily add mobile payment processing with the Clover Go mobile swiper Or, choose Fidelipay gateway Swipers for when you or your employees are traveling.

3. Lightning Fast Physical Stand-Alone Terminals

For retail businesses that require just a stand-alone terminal we offer several lightning-fast models based on your needs including the VeriFone VX680, VeriFone VX520, PAX S80, and PAX S90. All of these feature EMV chip technology as well NFC near field technology too.

EMV chip technology offers the utmost in security for your customers, and it is a must for any modern business. For your EMV chip integration needs, we get you right where you need to be to process these payments. You get chip and swipe functionality out of the gate.

4. Great Customer Support for Minimal Downtime

Streamlining is not solely about taking action faster. Sometimes, streamlining includes having a response in place when things don’t go perfectly well. Fortunately, PayCo Card payment processing keeps things on the move with an acclaimed customer support platform. Anytime a problem pops up, you have an immediate resource to use. This keeps you in action, continually making sales and growing your business. Our customer support can help with general navigation, technical support, and anything else you may need to promote more sales and growth.

5. Connecting Your In-store and Online Payment Processing

One of the biggest challenges of streamlining your processes is making sure the web is integrated with your physical presence. PayCo Card offers both POS and online payment processing gateway integration so that you can keep your operation moving and keep each branch of your business in tight communication and coordination.

These are just a few of the many ways that PayCo Card improves your business, built around the high importance of streamlining. Responsiveness and adaptability with your payment processing are essential pieces to the puzzle. Integrate PayCo Card today to make it happen for you.

PayCo Card offers a variety of exclusive perks for our new customers. Get a free terminal at time of approval ($200 value) after providing your basic contact information as well as a free marketing website ($1000 value). We can start you down a path towards greater efficiency, tighter control, and concise organization. Streamline your business to make the most of every day.

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