What is an Internet Gateway or Virtual Terminal?

Connecting a website to the payment processing network is extremely difficult and typically beyond the expertise of most online merchants. Instead merchants connect to a payment gateway which provides the infrastructure needed to accept fast and secure transmission of payment data. A gateway or virtual terminal would manage the routing of transactions the same way your physical terminal would in a retail storefront environment however it would use the internet instead. Payment gateways provide the merchant with the ability to accept a credit card transaction on a website, over the phone or even via email by sending an email payment link to a customer.

A virtual terminal can be used anywhere an internet connection is available and would provide PCI compliance and utmost security needed for all merchants. Below you will find a few of the many reputable payment gateways that Payco Card works with, if you do not see a specific gateway or looking for a different one , please call us to inquire within because chances are we have just what you need.

Accuracy and stability, Authorize.net is one of the largest and most sophisticated gateway platforms available. Industry leading encryptions and security protocols served with reliability. Process your transactions in seconds and add unlimited users on one account. Authorized.net gateway can easily be customized to suit your personal needs and supports over 80 certified web based shopping carts with easy to install software and integration to QuickBooks as well. Used by all scale web based e-commerce businesses and call centers across the globe. Around the clock customer service 7 days a week 365 days a year to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Secure payment site will email your customers a payment form with a pay now link to process transactions. You will be able to accept credit cards, ACH payments and recurring billing as well. Brand your own name and logo, you do not need to worry about creating a website or having SSL certificates and domain names. Ideal for businesses that wish to invoice their customers via email and get a payment. Very popular with accounting, wholesale, manufacturing, nonprofit charity and donations, subscription based billing, real estate property management businesses and many others. Provides you with all the latest security and compliance requirements mandated by the card associations. A customer gets the invoice and selects a payment method after which the payment is securely processed in real time with on screen signature capture to wrap it all up.

Link point international Is a virtual point of Sale (POS) terminal that functions the same as the terminals commonly used at retail stores and runs via the internet. You simply enter the cardholder’s data into the system and your transactions get processed and approved. The virtual terminal is internet based and gives you a quick and efficient means of processing any sale from anywhere you have internet access. Accept payments for credit cards, checks and perform recurring billing for subscription based businesses. Gives you complete control of how your sales are fulfilled and will automatically track your orders.

Payco FideliPAY –An internet portal and payment processing solution that accepts credit card payments, checks, and recurring billing features for subscription payments. It is perfect for e-commerce merchants who require top-notch site performance and control over payment functionality on their computer or web site. Your staff can process orders received offline (via phone, fax, and email) using a virtual terminal anywhere you have Internet access.

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