The easy way to introduce EMV Card Payments into your operations

Accept Payments Via EMV Chip and PIN with Payco Card’s Assistance

EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and VISA” and is fast becoming the standard way to encode payment information on credit and debit cards across the world. These cards use chips to store information, instead of magnetic strips which used to predominate the market. But what is an EMV chip and why does it require specialist solutions? An EMV chip is a sophisticated storage device implanted in the card. Every time customers make a payment, the chip creates a unique code that is transmitted to the relevant credit card company. This makes it much harder for fraudsters to scan an EMV chip card and steal private information. Because of the data manipulation involved, EMV transactions tend to take longer to process, but they are spreading fast because of the security advantages they bring.

Optimize Your Business For EMV Chip and Pin Payments With Payco Card

Now is the time to assess whether you need to introduce EMV chip payments into your retail operations. At Payco Card, our staff can provide advice about how to do so safely and cheaply. We are experts in the various EMV chip manufacturers and processers, and we can supply exactly the right equipment for your business. We can provide you with ‘swiper’ and ‘dipper’ hand-held card readers to take your business on the road, or static POS terminals with EMV chip card functionality. However you make the majority of your sales, we can find an EMV solution that minimizes your costs and keeps customers’ data secure. So get in touch, speak to our expert support team and order the right equipment to join the EMV revolution. In a world where the risks of cyber-crime and card fraud are increasingly well-known, the benefits for your business could be huge.

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