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In today’s digital age a business really has to be at the top of its game in order to increase its revenue and profits. The majority of all internet sales today are paid for with debit and credit cards. We will create an online portal for your business to accept of all your customers’ payments and process them in real time with the ease of use on any computer or internet accessible device.

These card not present transactions require a special merchant account with additional security and protection from fraud because you do not actually see the credit card or who is using it. Most processing companies take advantage of this and will increase your rate. At Payco card we will always provide you with the lowest rates without any penalties for card not present transactions. We also have other value add-ons and plug-in tools to help you and us from fraud.

Take advantage of options, such as:
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Accept Recurring and installment payments
  • Send a secure Email link to a customer to make a payment
  • PCI compliant database to protect and store your customer’s information instead of on your computer
  • Accept and have payments deposited in your account daily
  • Get debit and credit card payments validated and authorized instantly
  • Issue credits and void transactions
  • Have offline transactions processed anytime
  • Acceptance of E-checks online that are processed just like a credit card

What is an Internet Gateway or Virtual Terminal?

Connecting a website to the payment processing network is extremely difficult and typically beyond the expertise of most online merchants. Instead merchants connect to a payment gateway which provides the infrastructure needed to accept fast and secure transmission of payment data. A gateway or virtual terminal would manage the routing of transactions the same way your physical terminal would in a retail storefront environment however it would use the internet instead. Payment gateways provide the merchant with the ability to accept a credit card transaction on a website, over the phone or even via email by sending an email payment link to a customer. A virtual terminal can be used anywhere an internet connection is available and would provide PCI compliance and utmost security needed for all merchants.

Below you will find a few of the many reputable payment gateways that Payco Card works with, if you do not see a specific gateway or looking for a different one , please call us to inquire within because chances are we have just what you need.

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