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Accepting all major credit cards is a chief component needed for the growth of your sales volume and your business. Swiping customer’s credit cards face-to-face is the easiest and safest solution to accepting customer payments. Payco card will help you set up the best solution for your retail storefront as well as provide you with widest selection of payment equipment necessary to meet today’s needs and provide worry free and secure transactions. At Payco Card we know that swiping credit cards has the least amount of risk involved and we will offer you the lowest processing rate, which means more money to your pocket. There are many reasons and advantages to allowing us to set up your merchant account.

  • Fast debit and credit card authorizations to insure completed transactions in a matter of seconds.
  • Flexible options such as PC and network integrated systems or stand-alone terminals.
  • Expert USA based Technical support & customer service.
  • One key re-authorization and networking enhanced features.
  • Loyalty and Gift Card programs.
  • Additional Security parameter and fraud protection add-ons.
  • New approved EMV chip technology acceptance.

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