Payco Card makes it easy for your restaurant to find the appropriate credit card processing solution for your environment. Whether you own a small diner or a fast paced quick serve restaurant we can help guide you. Speed of service is critical to accommodating customers that are on a lunch break or in transport and just want to grab a bite to eat and be on their way, we can provide that speed and security in order to maintain repeat customers.

A full service restaurant may need a system that is more responsive to every aspect of the business and may want to invest in a POS (point of sales) system to help manage Guest reservations, takeout orders and even back end accounting and inventory. Payco card can accommodate any special situations which occur frequently in the restaurant industry and make it easy for employees and customers alike. When you partner up with Payco Card you will have many features that can be implemented.

  • Tips can be added after transactions have been authorized
  • Use a name or ticket number to track all transactions
  • Use wireless terminals or mobile swipers to process deliveries or curbside pickup
  • Allow customers to run a tab until the end of their stay
  • Combine tabs onto one single receipt.
  • Create reports to track your business activity.

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