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Accepting credit cards with a wireless terminal or a mobile swiper means that your business has no bounds or limitations on where a sale can take place. Payco Card is the market leader in wireless and mobile sales for anyone conducting business outside of a storefront or online, enabling you to swipe debit and credit cards while on the go. When you are bringing your business to your customers you must ensure that you have the appropriate technology to make quick and efficient transactions.

Payco card provides the best connectivity to accommodate any location and environment. Using the most up to date GPRS wireless networks and most recent cutting edge equipment. Doing business at trade shows and events, Farmers markets, Taxi and Limo drivers, or a mobile repair service provider, you will have the means to accept a credit card payment wherever and whenever.

Payco Card provides you with a quick set up for the following:
  • Lowest rates with the most secure transactions for swiping cards face to face
  • The best GPRS wireless network in the USA with most extensive area coverage
  • Accept all major credit cards anytime
  • Speedy authorizations on debit and credit card transactions while on the go
  • “Store and forward” feature for low coverage areas to process sale later and still get card present rates.
  • Simple to use terminals with 24/7 customer support

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